STRIKE Performance

The Program

STRIKE Performance Programs are baseball/softball programs designed for the serious player committed to becoming “the best they can be.”

These programs intensely focus on:

Explosive Strength

In hitting, pitching or on the bases, every player needs to be flexible and powerful. These programs are designed to increase proper strength while maintaining maximum flexibility.


Chance title to Speed & Agility, Baseball and softball are a game of fast twitch movements in all directions. These programs incorporate drills to ensure every movement a player encounters on the field is done at optimal speed and quickness.


Every player will focus on developing an efficient swing that will maximize are of contact, power, and timing. The use of video analysis and input from Professional Instructors will provide the best instruction available.

Pitching & Velocity

Professional Instructors will intently focus on proper throwing mechanics for the pitcher and position player. Every athlete will be involved in a dynamic throwing program designed to increase arm speed, strength and health.