about strike

STRIKE Performance Programs are baseball/softball programs designed for the serious player who is committed to becoming “the best they can be.”  This program intensely focuses on Explosive Power and Strength, Agility, Hitting, Pitching, Baserunning, Nutrition.



Since the very beginning, our mission has always involved more than being the best at taking an athlete’s game to the next level. Management and each instructor at STRIKE Performance see it as a privilege and responsibility to give back to the game of baseball by using our program to pour into athletes five unique training disciplines: physical conditioning, mental conditioning, vision training, leadership, and life skills. Each tool contributes to the development of a total athlete and human being and allows us to make our program universally accessible for players of any age or skill level. 



To empower baseball players from little league to the majors with the tools they need to excel on and off the field.

code of ethics

We at Strike Performance will hold ourselves to the highest of ethical and moral standards by adhering to the following principles:


We will not lie! We will speak in truth and love to each individual encountered regardless of internal or external forces surrounding the situation.


We will live up to the Strike Performance ethical/moral principles even when confronted by personal, professional, or social risks.


We will operate in an environment of trust! Trust must be created and maintained throughout every relationship we encounter.


We at Strike Performance will yoke ourselves to each other and our athletes to provide the optimal learning experience on and off the field. We will also dedicate ourselves to being the elite training facility in the country.


We will passionately seek to love others as Christ loved the church.


We will operate daily with a fierce passion and enthusiasm to maximize every opportunity ahead.