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Our teams are a product of our programs in a desire to provide development in every aspect of the game. We now link our year round training programs with on the field competition to facilitate the transfer of skills learned. Our players will learn the fundamentals in a highly structured and competitive environment created by our professional baseball instructors. We will have simulated games, tournament play, and showcases. This opportunity will provide the players to be placed on a year round program that truly breeds development while balancing holistic approach to health. Emphasis will be on player development through a team first approach. We believe that the team is successful when it is greater than the sum of its part. This can only be accomplished when players learn how to play the game with respect while respecting each other. One of our deeper purposes will be to help train, coach, and mentor our players on and off the field with the goal of cultivating them into becoming men of character. We understand the value of pursuing excellence in athletics. More importantly however, we understand that our players identities and values will be grounded in becoming better students, brothers, and eventually husbands, fathers and leaders. Our promise is that we will care for our players more than any other organization. In return our expectations are that the parents and players commit to our process and values. We consider it a privilege and a honor to be entrusted with the development of these young men. It is a responsibility and challenge of great value.



Strike Performance will take your game to the next level. We’ve developed an innovative training program that revolutionizes traditional training methodologies and helps prepare athletes for the next level. Our program combines 5 unique training disciplines, including physical conditioning; mental conditioning; leadership; vision training; and life skills. Each discipline contributes to the overall development of the total athlete and promotes Long Term Athletic Development for players in every sport at every ability level. Our goal is to help create the ultimate on field competitor.

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