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These classes will be broken down by age group and skill level as determined by your Major League instructors. Your trainers for these classes include former MLB player and Strike owner, Daniel Ortmeier as well as MLB Pitcher Kyle Abbott. Other trainers include Luke Carlin, Doug Votolato, Aaron Corwin, Erin Preston, Logan Sepanek, Levi Scott and Duaner Sanchez .


for Middle School & High School Players

STRIKE Elite Season Prep Hitting

Season Prep Hitting

  • Individually designed hitting program
  • Weekly HitTrax diagnostic reports & videos
  • BLAST Motion account & training
  • Weekly live AB’s
  • Functional movement/ power evaluations
  • Sports Sense Cognitive Assessment & training

November 10th 2020 – January 24th 2021 

8 weeks




for Middle School & High School Players

STRIKE Force Season Prep & Velocity

Individually designed throwing program

Comprehensive diagnostic reports & videos

Y Balance body assessment

Mound work & evaluation

Sport Sense Cognitive Assessment

November 9th 2020- January 23 2021

8 Week Program


Elite Fall Competitive Hitting League

for Middle School & High School Players

August 17th – October 12th 2020

8 Weeks


Elite Fall Hitting League

Semi Private Training Class

-1 Hour Every Monday & Wednesday

Competitive Games

-45 Minutes every weekend

The Program 2020



WE build better athletes.
Assess – focused training on mobility, strength, speed and power through individual design to maximize efficiency and performance for all sports.
What We Offer:
Mobility Classes
Strength Classes
Team Training

The Program works with athletes from ALL sports including…
Basketball, Softball, Hockey, Tennis, Lacrosse, Equestrian, Volleyball, Cheer, etc.

Please call DBAT Lewisville 972-353-3322 for details

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