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These classes will be broken down by age group and skill level as determined by your Major League instructors. Your trainers for these classes include former MLB player and Strike owner, Daniel Ortmeier as well as MLB Pitcher Kyle Abbott. Other trainers include Luke Carlin, Dennis Kelly, Doug Votolato, Aaron Corwin, Erin Preston and Clint Goocher.

Elite Winter 2019-2020

for Middle School & High School Players

Season Prep Hitting

Individually Designed Hitting Program

Weekly HitTrax Diagnostics Reports & Videos

Weekly Live AB’s

Power Evaluation

Sports Sense Cognitive Assessment

2 Times Per Week

November 12th 2019 – January 25th 2020

8 Week Program


Elite Fall Competitive Hitting League

for Middle School & High School Players

Competitive Hitting League

Semi Private Training Class

  • 1 Hour every Monday or Wednesday
  • Select your time slot at registration, max 6 hitters

Competitive Games

  • 45 Minute games every Saturday or Sunday
  • Each week sign up for a game time, max 3 hitters

$500 Register

  • Member discounts apply – 30% Platinum & 20% Gold
  • Technology fee included

Join us as we partner with HitTrax & other elite facilities across the nation!  We will create the optimal environment for development by blending next level training with competitive play.

September 9th 2019 – October 20th 2019

6 Week Program


Force Winter 2019-2020

for Middle School & High School Players

November 11th 2019 – January 25th 2020

8 Weeks


FORCE Season Prep & Velocity

Individually Designed Throwing Program

Comprehensive Diagnostic Reports & Videos

Y Blance Body Assessment

Mound Work & Evaluation

Sports Sense Cognitive Assessment





4th & 5th Grade Athletes

Starting September 1st 2019

$79/ Month

The Program Launches Foundations

Foundations is an age appropriate physical fitness development program that will provide a logical and evidence-based approach to the systematic development of physical performance in young athletes.


Call DBAT Lewisville to register 972-353-3322

Limited Availability

Please call DBAT Lewisville 972-353-3322 for details

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